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When you choose Artisan Roofing for your roofing needs, you benefit from over 30 years of professional experience. We are grateful to be a part of your story, whether it’s for an original roof inspection, advice or education on insurance claims, or for the entire roofing process. Whatever it is, we are here to make the roof replacement chapter of your story go as smooth and stress-free as possible, which not all Kalispell roofing companies do.

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The Kalispell Roofers with a Dedication to Excellence

Artisan Roofing has worked hard to earn top certifications by leading manufacturers. We have a thorough understanding of the insurance claims process, and our roof inspection know-how is unrivaled. But there are many reasons to choose Artisan Roofing…

High Quality Roofing services
residential roofing

Residential Roofing

The natural beauty of Northwest Montana is legendary, so is the often harsh climate. We build high performance roof systems that withstand the region’s hail, ice, wind, derechos, and excessive rain. From sturdy shingles, tile, and metal, to elegant slate and cutting-edge synthetics, our Kalispell roofing experts protects your home for your total comfort.

commercial roofing
Commercial/Flat Roofing

Not many Kalispell roofing companies possess expertise in flat roof systems. Artisan Roofing is your go-to contractor for outstanding TPO, PVC and metal roofing. We’re certified in roof coatings by Uniflex and Sherwin Williams. Count on us for all your commercial roof and flat roof systems needs. 

roof storm damage
Storm Damage Roof Repair

Crack or missing shingles, deteriorating soffits or fascia, moisture intrusion leading to hazardous mold formation… While roofs are resilient, the storms that develop here in The Rockies can inflict damage requiring rapid response and skillful repair work. Artisan specializes in Kalispell roofing storm damage repair and insurance claims assistance.

roof ice dam removal

Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dams can create a dangerous and destructive build up on your roof which can cause damage to your family and property. Your roof isn’t designed to hold such excessive weight, so removing this menace becomes an urgent matter, and Artisan Roofing knows just how to do that quickly and safely. Our process involves low pressure steamers that will not void roof warranties.

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Excellence is a choice.™

Choose Artisan Roofing™. Our mission is to provide peace-of-mind. We built our company on true faith, determination, education, and integrity. Every job we perform aims to uplift the perception of our industry. We always strive to be part of the solution.

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We Specialize in All Types of Roofing Products

Artisan Roofing has set itself apart from other Kalispell roofing companies by gaining an advanced-level of expertise in the highest quality products on the market…

Architectural Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in Montana. We install the very best, including Owens Corning and GAF shingles for long-lasting, reliable performance. Our certified status with leading brands also means outstanding warranties for you!  

Slate Shake & Synthetic

For homeowners who demand the real-deal, Artisan Roofing provides installation of synthetic wood shake and slate roofing. The materials, which become more beautiful with age, add a special elegance to any home.


Tile roofing imparts a true sophistication to a home or building, and Artisan Roofing knows just how to install and repair tile roofs. The tough nature of ceramic tiles means you can count on their protection through the worst weather Northern Montana can bring.

Flat Roofing

Flat and low slope roofing is a specialty not all roofing pros possess.  We install TPO & PVC roofing systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Northwest Montana Homeowners

Homeowners in Northwest Montana often ask about the best roofing material to withstand the region’s unique climate, which includes heavy snowfall, ice, and occasional high winds. Ashpalt shingles with a high wind rating and in areas frequented by hail a class 4 hail impact rating is recommended. Commonly recommended roofing materials for this area include asphalt shingles, exposed fastener panels, or a standing seam roof. Ask the Artisan Team about other roofing options such as synthetic slate or shake

Regular roof inspections are essential in Northwest Montana due to the harsh weather conditions. Homeowners should aim to have their roofs inspected at least once a year, preferably in the fall before winter sets in. Additionally, it’s crucial to get the roof inspected after severe storms to identify any potential damage that may not be immediately visible.

Yes, ice dams are a common concern in Northwest Montana due to snow accumulation on roofs. To prevent ice dams, homeowners can ensure proper insulation and ventilation in the attic space to maintain a consistent roof temperature. Additionally, installing snow and ice shields along the eaves and using roof rakes to remove excess snow can help mitigate the risk of ice dams forming.

To extend the lifespan of your roof several proactive measures can be taken. Regular maintenance, such as keeping gutters clean and free of debris, removing overhanging tree branches, and addressing any minor repairs promptly, can prevent small issues from becoming significant problems. It’s also advisable to invest in high-quality roofing materials and professional installation by Artisan Roofing to ensure the roof’s longevity.

Yes, homeowners should be aware of local building codes and regulations pertaining to roofing in Montana. Building codes may include requirements for roofing materials, installation techniques, and snow load ratings, considering the region’s climate. Before starting any Kalispell roofing project, or anywhere in Northwest Montana, it is essential to check with local authorities or consult Artisan Roofing & Ice Dam Removal about our area’s regulations to ensure compliance and avoid potential issues.

Big Sky Country’s True Roofing Artisans

Headquartered in Kalispell MT, Artisan Roofing & Ice Dam Removal is a team with over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. Contact us for the highest quality residential and commercial roofing products, installation, repair, and ice dam removal.

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